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California / Plantation Shutters

California Shutters or Plantation Shutters provide a classic look that never goes out of style. Shutters can lend a great deal of comfort and beauty to the right room. They are also very functional. Panels can swing, slide or fold open, with tilting louvers that offer excellent light control. Shutters are also easy to clean and maintain.


  • The California Shutters or Plantation Shutters are manufactured using the highest quality of outdoor grade rigid vinyl.

  • The material will resist discoloration from UV exposure as well as chipping, cracking, and warping.

  • All plastic components and accessories are manufactured using the same fire retardant, color-matched material resulting in a uniform finish.

  • Shutters are reinforced with an aluminum skeleton delivering years of trouble free, maintenance free operation.

  • Composite Shutters

    Composite shutters are made with a blend of materials. They combine great style with the strength and stability of advanced modern-day materials. More economical than wood shutters, they will work well with your family’s active lifestyle as they are scratch resistant, humidity resistant and washable, making them less prone to environmental effects than wood. Composite Shutter looks like wood, with a lifetime of outstanding performance. Every louver looks and feels like 100% wood; however, a moisture-resistant, durable PVC topcoat seals the composite wood core for unprecedented strength. The coating is UV resistance and will not fade, peel or chip over time.

    San Home Fashions composite shutter
    San Home Fashions aluminium shutter

    Aluminum Shutters

    Aluminum shutters are made of high-quality aluminum which makes them moisture and water resistant. As the paint used for this product is baked, it does not peel or rust. Our aluminum shutters have an anodized finish that withstands direct exposure to the sun and saline mist. This is an excellent option for bathrooms, kitchens, indoor pools or solariums. They are available in white and clear anodized.