San Home Fashions

Terms & Conditions

  • The company follows the code of ethics and high-quality standard products in the industry. All products manufactured & assembled with 1/8” tolerance based on the industrial standards.

  • Once the buyer confirmed the order and accepted by the company, it is further not subjected to cancellation and changes. If cancelled, the company will not provide no money back policies.

  • All our products are made square. The window architraves are not square resulting the blinds may not sit straight or flat. The company cannot be responsible for your window architraves.

  • The estimated time for the production of blinds and shades is 3-4 weeks and shutters are 4-5 weeks unless otherwise stated. Fabrics and materials ordered are subjected to availability and may be delayed due to circumstances out of the company control.

  • Once the Buyer places the purchasing order 50% deposit of the total amount must be handed to the company as an initiation fee and the balance owing from the purchasing order must be given to the installer upon completion of the project. Any concerns during installation time that will be covered under the warranty.

  • The sales representative will explain the different products and helps to understand the quality of the materials, functions and working procedures of each products. No responsibility can be taken for personal misconception of the finished product.

  • The company products including Shutters have 25 years limited life-time warranty, blinds & shades got 5 years limited life-time warranty

  • All the company products with limited life-time warranty covers defects in material and workmanship or failure to operate. (See warranty details)

  • The warranty applies to the original purchaser and proof of the invoice must be presented.

  • Repairs and/or replacements will be made with the closest available parts or products.

  • All quotations issued are valid for 14 days from the date of quote.

  • If the customer fails to pay in accordance with this clause, the company may charge interest of 2% per month on overdue invoices which is effective on the installation date. Whether the payment not received after the 90 days of installation the account will be placed on credit hold without any notice. Please note that this may list your account with credit rating agencies, and further referral to a third-party collection agency and /or our legal department may be pursued. The customer must be reimbursing those expenses.

  • Under any circumstances, if the company employee accidentally damages the buyer's property, San Home Fashions will fix/replace with the company's own trade contractors. If customer needs to hold a certain amount equivalent to the damages made by the company(based on the standard cost according to the market price) as a guarantee until the damage is fixed by the company. If the customer intended to fix/replace the damage with their own contractor's still they can hold the amount up to a one-month time frame as a guarantee. The customer should refund the balance guarantee amount to the company within one month period even if they have fixed or not fixed the damages from their own contractors.

  • Customer must arrange access to the installations area. The installers are not responsible for the removal of your old blinds. The installers take care when installing but cannot accept responsibility for cracking, chipping or extra holes on the frame. The installers will do the dispose your old blinds, but you should pay $30/- for extra.